Poetry by Reverend Kevin

The Haunting

Sometimes I can feel your ghost Your arms around me My angel in my hour of need Stronger now then before Watching from above To catch me when I fall. Why you left will always be a mystery There are days when I feel That I will forget your face Or forget all the moments we shared Then there are days when I still cry Moving on without you Is what causes me quilt But in my head with a gentle whisper You remind me that you are still My number one fan. For Auntie Mame Love unconditionally, Your Bussom Buddy, Vera Charles


The Life Of A Year

January arrived in style
To remind others that, That they are only human February said: “I am love!” March spoke softly, “This is your moment.” April broke someone’s heart; With the ending of all things. May cheered: With the rebirth of self worth June brought on, A whole new sense of pride July laughed At someone else foolishness August burned With the selfishness, and rudeness of the confused September brought on a brand new day As sweet dreams unfolded with a show of support October laughed a hardy laugh At the things that were accomplished, Yet seemed impossible November, Sweet November, Found a soul mate, And they gave thanks for this life December shed a tear For the ending of another year Yet smiled when she thought Of all life’s possibilities yet to come true In the new year to come.

Werewolf Sonata

Full moon Loyal to our love To some you’re a monster To me; Wild or tame You’re my life companion. Running with the pack When you howl at the moon I hear my name I know you’re safe In the light of the morning sun You’re always naked By my side It’s only then I know you’re really mine.

Indigo Star

If you give into the superficial moments Hide your gifts Take yourself out from this time and space Over something That barely scratches the surface It doesn’t even make up The landscape of who you are Yet it would leave a hole In your scrapbook of life There are already too many This life is too fleeting You don’t want to be one of those people To scared to see the light Your light is too bright to dim Don’t let this be another barrier to self expression. Live, Love, without limitations.

Candy Land

Tangy peppermint on the tongue A new born babies Day is done Reinforced trees in the forest Timber no more He will follow you to The Ends of the earth He will make you laugh Gingerbread no longer comforts For fantasy Has become reality He has the golden ticket He’s not afraid to use it Or taste the new beginning.

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Purest Love

Intently looking in your eyes Reaching out softly; to touch your cheek I watch over you every minute of the day Near or far I see your heart I crave you Still innocence in so many ways After all the trauma When you are in pain I feel your tears Don’t be afraid I know you feel it to You saved me in so many ways I’ve found the truest love in you After being alone for so very long You may not understand it Were you ever truly loved? Everything you are Everything you are not Is what makes you flawless in my eyes It’s the reason I fade into you I know we will love forever.

Fallen Early

Brown-Yellow-Green-Red Colored and Crisp Leafs Fell in the Mid summer heat Twirled in the humid wind Lost in a different season To early to change Is it a sign of things to come? Or just a rare oddity? 07/10/08

A Quick Cure

A tear drop shed For all that is wrong Darkness and Disease Be gone; If only for one day A hug, a smile Can make all the difference. To those who Need it the most. 10/20/07


Taking me over at a moment of weakness Displaying the wounds That were trying so desperately to heal The ax is still there Ready for the kill Every moment you’re near The ax seems to fall deeper Into the wounds of old I think you know For I saw the truth For I saw the monster they was really you You knew I was weak You knew the pain That was forever in my heart I would have killed for you Or given my last breath to make you happy Instead I was the one who was killed By your hands of hate You murder the love in my heart Ripped out my soul; the core of my love I believed I was fooling myself The pain I let it control me, It blinded me So much I couldn’t see Just what I had to offer Now my friend, I’m taking the ax out Keeping it out for good The wounds of old will heal With a little something I call: SELF-ESTEEM! ~1994~

We’re Here Today….

Blessed by Those around us Blessed by Family ties Blessed by Those who are Here in Spirit

We’re here today Walking on a Timeline of family Past, Present, Future

We’re here today Rich in our diversity Different tribes Different paths, In a moment Of unconditional love

We’re here today To pass on wisdom To share our history To celebrate our clan

We’re here today Humbled by gratitude On the Fitzgerald Family Farm

A place Of humble beginnings Of new adventures A place We can all call home 8/4/17

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