Messages Of Unconditional Love And Empowerment

Know your worth, and then add tax. If you don’t value yourself no one else will either. It’s about practicing self love everyday. Believing in that love, and keep adding to it. One of the many keys of a great life. ğŸ™ğŸ¤—â¤ï¸ğŸŽ‰

It’s a great life, if you don’t weaken. Edward Wehle my dad.

When the doubts that are surrounding you are finding there way in look towards your inner knowing. Surround yourself with those who truly see you, believe in you, and love you unconditionally. Folks who will lift you up. Who make you a believer in yourself. This will chase the doubts away, and you will shine on.

Walk into the Light: I know how hard things are now. Covid-19 has turned us all upside down. We have people not wearing masks, and fighting with one another over politics, over fear of the unknown, over biggoty, and over asking someone to please wear a mask. We have others hurting, and in some cases killing trans woman of color, unarmed black me, and many other folks. It seems that dark forces, and lower energies are all around us. Influencing those who are swayed by the lower energies now more then every. I didn’t really know the full magnatude of this until yesterday when I met up with a dear old spiritual friend of my. Dee’s presents is always like warm hug. Her energy is always so bright, and luminous she could make The Grinch smile. Durning our catch up we spoke about may things. Then as if I needed a reminder, which I did need. I can recall a few times in these months where I let the dark in. Dee spoke about these lower energies, and how more and more folks were getting under the influence of these dark energies. Folks who we’ve know all our lives, and suddenly they have gone cold. She reminded me it was up to us light workers to shine our light, and loving energy on to this world. To stand with our bight light, and call those folks back home. To create space for the light. To lead by example, so others they could return to the light. So I ask you to join me in, turning your light up as bright as you can, so we can bring more peace, unconditional love, and mercy to this world that is very much in need of those exact things. Be safe, and be well, Reverend Kevin

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