Diary of an Aromathery Student

I have be studying to become a certified aromatherpist by Aromahead Institute. Essential oils have become a big bright spot in the year 2020 for me. With each lesson I fall deeper in love with all things aromathery. So much so that my joy, and love go into each blend I make for myself and my clients.

Let me make a blend just for you. I can make you a blend to lift your spirits, or for what troubles you. Be it a headache, dry skin, pain in your body, or a spa day in a box. Below are some pictures of my work. If your are interested in me making a blend for you please email at: kevinwehle30@gmail.com Thank you!

This is my “Spa in a Box.” Included are two face masks. “Pink Angel Relaxing Bath Salts, “Be Happy Roller,” “Anise Star” Massage Oils, “Opening The Senses” defuser blend, and “Spa Day Lotion.” A great spa package for any couple, or a self care day with your bestie. I can custom make you a box of your own.

“Spa in a Box all wrapped up, and ready to go. $140 I can make your own custom box.

Costumer review of “Spa in a Box,” by Danielle Wirsching

I want to say a very special thanks to Kevin Wehle for his exceptional “Spa in a Box”. I wanted to do something special for my husband on our wedding anniversary and Kevin created the perfect aromatherapy experience for me and my husband.
Kevin has an exceptional skill for capturing our personal tastes with his blends, along with the knowledge and ability of mixing complimentary scents with each other. First to set the mood we used his ” Opening the Senses” spa day diffuser oil blend which was light, invigorating yet relaxing.
Then we used my personal favorite which was the “Pink Angels” relaxing bath salts; they were exfoliating & refreshing.
Next we used the warm clay mask. Kevin’s incorporation of this into the Spa Box was an added bonus as it was revitalizing and rejuvenating.
My husband really enjoyed the “Spa Day” massage lotion; it was both soothing & stimulating which he found restorative to his aching muscles.
Our couples favorite was the “Be Happy ” roller oil blend as it married both of our favorite scents together and left us with an elevated and uplifted mood.
As an added surprise Kevin created “Anise Star” massage oil which was a sweet treat that was appealing and awoke our senses.
I highly recommend Kevin for any aromatherapy needs that you may have. His mastership of blends will enhance any special occasion or self care needs you desire.

Introducing The “Calminator” Spritzer. Made cool water, St. John’s Wart, Palmarosa, Lavender Hydrosol, Juniper Berry, and Orange oil. An amazing sweet invigorating pick me up.

$35 We can make your own custom blend

Forget your troubles, come on get happy with “Pink Angels Relaxing” Baths salts. Made with Pink Himalayan Salt, Castile Soap, Lavender, Rosemary, Clove Bud. I can custom your own blend. $$34.50

This is truly Heavenly. I use this while soaking my feet.

“The Pink Angel Relaxing” Bath Salts was nice, and soothing. I felt relaxed, and at peace. The scent was pleasant. JB

Smooth your dry skin, and let the oils in this blend help you relax, and fall asleep. “Nighttime” Lotion. I use it every night.

Made from: Daily Moisturizing Skin Protection Lotion (fragrance free) Cedarwood, Vetiver, Patchouli $15

Here I made two different “Luscious” Body Butter.

Back row is my: “Luscious Grounding” Body butter. The front row is my “Luscious Inner Calming” Body Butter.

Here you have: “The Citrus Smile” Personal Inhaler, “Goodnight Moonbeam” blend, and “The Lift You up” blend.

“The Citrus Smile” made with Tea Tree, Bergamot, and Orange $8.

“Goodnight Moonbeam” made with St. John’s Wort, Frankincense, Juniper Berry, Ravintsara, and Bergamot $25.50

“Lift You Up Blend” made with: “Tamauma, Tea Tree, Lavender, Basil, Rose. $20.00

A seasonal favorite: “It’s Fall Y’all” defuser blend. For those of you who like the smell of Fall all year long.

Made with Autumn Air oil, Mandarin, and Breathe Easy oil $25

Looking to protect your energy. I made this for a client: “The Protect and Serve” Roll On.

Made with: Almond oil, Peppermint, Basil, Thyme ct. linolool, Vetiver. $20

These two beauties are: “The Stand In Your Power” blend. Good for a boost in your self confidence, and to deal with adversity.

Made with Tea Tree, and Siberian Fir Essential Oil. $35

These second is: “Safety and Happiness Blend. Good for protecting your energy, and to being you happiness.

Made with Coconut Oil, Basil, Sandalwood, Juniper Berry, and Lemon Essential Oil. $20

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