Testimoials for The Reverend Kevin Michael Wehle’s Angels Readings

I received a health Tarot reading from Kevin Wehle.
I was astounded how accurate and detailed his reading was about me!
Let me say that Kevin and I have never spoken about my health or my personal life.
He clearly identified my personal causes of stress (taking care of everyone else before myself, and not getting enough sleep.)
I just had a physical and my doctor had suggested we look at some possible drugs related to a condition; but I have always been a natural no-drugs organic diet-and-exercise kind of person. Kevin’s reading identified that conflict between what I “know in my gut” and “others folks telling me what is best for me.”
Kevin’s reading was detailed, very positive and well delivered.
I can highly recommend Kevin for Tarot reading. Well done, sir. John Verbrugge 10/21/20

Just had an amazing reading with Kevin Wehle. The reading was extremely accurate and he hit on several details unique to my situation that he had no way of knowing except through the cards, angels and his superb gift. A mind blowing reading, really. He read my situation accurately, gave me excellent advice, concrete steps forward, a timeline (and not every reader does that) compassion and most of all hope when I needed it the most💖 Johannah Rivka Hinskson 10/20/20

First of all Kevin has a wonderful ability to provide the insight the cards show with sensitivity and clarity. His reading resonated with me on the deeply challenging
Question I asked for guidance on and not only gave me insight, but Kevin drew an extra clarifying card to help me in what action to take in terms of what was best for me. Kevin also provided an affirmation to help me move forward on my path. His reading was gentle-yet very clear with a deep understanding ofthe complex dynamic of the question. I will definitely consult with Kevin again
For guidance.
Mary McDowell 10/15/20

Readings with Kevin get my stamp of approval! I recommend him highly.
Tamara Kowalski 9/11/20

Thank you Kevin for my amazing reading. You certainly are tuned in with the angels 🙏💚😇
Debra Cornelius 9/11/20

Thanks Kevin for the reading you did for me. It certainly outlined where I am at this moment in time. The guidance given within the reading is helpful as is the Archangel Prescription. I’ve never seen this before and it was a delight to read and something I may include myself.. when I properly make a start on the coursework. Overall a lovely supportive reading. Thank you!
Karelena MacKinlay 09/23/20

I want to thank Kevin for his time and knowledge in a very difficult time for me. He took time to understand my need and gave me a compassionate and loving reading. Thank you Kevin for your great work.
Dominique Levesque 9/24/20

I just wanted to thank Kevin Wehle his reading. I got good information from the reading. Thanks! ❤
Maruta Kelers 9/24/20

Had a reading done yesterday by Kevin Wehle using Angel Wisdom deck, and my goodness he was spot on!! His words resonated and messages were very clear. Thank you Kevin ❤
Anne Bautista 10/12/20

Thank you, Kevin Wehle, for the spot on reading. Very accurate, and validating, Illuminating for my path.
Dr. Elizabeth Rose 9/25/20

I had a wonderful reading with Kevin a couple of weeks ago. He was spot on. His words of wisdom were very kind and gentle, and he is such a positive and encouraging person. Thank you!
Bettina Holzheu Veitch 9/29/20

Thank you so much for my reading. I was blown away by how accurate this reading is. The Two of fire card is very spot on. This reading was encouraging and empowered me to take some action. I like that you told me which archangels to call upon. The self affirmations are really
Good to. Overall the reading flowed really well, and really resonated with me.
Louise Mulhall. 10/12/20

I had the pleasure of swapping a reading with Kevin, it was a pleasure, he gave me lots of explanation, and a little extra – an Affirmation to help bring about what I was asking . Kevin was prompt in getting back on my
Reading for him, and with the reading that he did for me. Thank you
Geraldine McGovern 10/13/20

The reading was very good….gave me the added strength that I am on the right path for the question I asked….Thank you very much!
Michelle Seguin 10/13/20

Kevin Wehle, what an incredible gift you have, Kevin. I am so grateful for your thorough reading, and it was spot on. Thanks for the guidance. Many blessings to you. You’re fabulous at this!
Doreen Maria Camp 10/14/20

I keep rereading my reading because it’s so acrute.
Katherine from The Universe Has My Back 10/16/20

Wow! Thank you so much for the beautiful reading. Kevin you are an amazing reader. Thank you again for the beautiful reading. Alicia Rivas Rucker 10/18/20

I got a reading from Kevin, and it was absolutely amazing, and accurate. For anyone who likes, or is interested in getting a Tarot Reading I recommend Kevin. He is great and awesome, keeping It sweet, and simple, if you want a reading go to Kevin. He’s spot On!!!!
Jamie Baker 10/17/20

My reading with Kevin helped me see the situation I was in, at the time, clearly. His intuition is spot on and he delivered the reading with utmost compassion and empathy! I highly recommend having a reading with Kevin. After my reading, I felt much calmer and confident about the present moment. Thank you Kevin!! 10/21/20 Roxana Rybaczuk-Opena

Kevin Wehle your readings are incredibly spot on! 🙏😘❤️ Anyone interested in a reading with Kevin will see how gifted he truly is. Highly recommend him. Love and Light. Doreen Marie Camp 10/21/20

Kevin your reading was beautiful and very accurate! Truly lifted my spirits as it answered not only the questions I had but also provided great advice from the angels! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your gifts! I highly recommend everyone get a reading from Kevin! Alicia Rivas-Rucker 10/21/20

Kevin is an amazing reader, he helped point out areas that I can draw strength from, and others I get to remember already exist.  The reading he did for me was beneficial in assisting me on my journey through college. I highly recommend Kevin for any of your life questions. Molly Gebert 10/21/20

An absolutely amazing reading. He nailed so many key points. Kevin I would recommend you to everyone. So happy and grateful for the insight and makes me excited I am on the right path. Michelle Seguin 10/23/20

Omg!!!! Kevin Wehle did a reading for me and it still blows me away!!! I’ve had readings before but this one with him was amazing. Kevin really senses things and truly helped me gain some clarity. I also really enjoyed how it was presented to me. Highly recommend!!!! Stacy Horn 10/24/20

Kevin is a truly gifted card reader and is very professional in his conduct. The readings I have received were amazing and spot on. I highly recommend him for all your questions and guidance inquiry. Julia Cutler 11/30/20

Just had another phenomenal reading with Kevin Wehle. In his last reading he gave me action steps to take that moved my situation forward in the right direction. In this reading he gave me a description of the person who can help me and described this person accurately. Kevin’s readings are accurate, on point and always contain hope. Readings with him are delightful, enlightening and provide excellent insight. Thank you Kevin💖 10/30/20

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