Angel Oracle/Tarot Pricing

Reverend Kevin Michael Wehle’s Spiritual Services 2020

I’m a certified wedding officiant with The Universal Life Church
I can officiate your wedding for $100.

I’m a certified Angel Oracle/Tarot Card Reading with actual client reviews
Prices start at: $20.00 -$100.00 for a individual reading

A 1 card general reading or a reading on a specific question is: $20.00
A 1 card general reading for two is: $30.00
Best Deal: If you book a one card reading and at the end of the reading you want
A 30 minute reading it $30.00 you save $10.00 For a 45 minute reading $65.00
You save $15.00.

A 30 minute 3 Card reading with Angel number and Angel message $40.00
For either a general reading or specific question.
A 45 minute 3 Card reading with Angel number, angel message, and positive
Affirmation based on your reading to help guide you. $80.00

For either a general reading, or for a specific question.
Big spread readings one hour $100.00
Your yearly forecast
Your 6 month forcast
Healthy Steps reading
Celtic Cross (great for life purpose readings)
Loving Hearts Spread
Career: X Marks the Spot!
Plan B Spread: Need guidance when things don’t work out the way you planned.
Then this is the reading for you.
For Entertainment only.
If you regret a client, and I do their reading you get $10.00 off your next reading.
If you leave me a positive review after your reading you get $15.00 off your next
Reading. You CAN combine the offers.

You can get your reading through email, phone, zoom. I will email you what
Came up in your reading in detail at no extra charge.

I’m also training to be a certified aromatherpist with The Aromahead Institute.
I received my certificate for their introduction class in the summer of 2020. I
also received my certificate of completion and accreditation in Aromatherapy
Level 1 from The Academy of Ancient Magik, and became an Official Essential
Oil Hero with Simply Earth as well this summer.
If you need essential oils to help your wellness I could make you a blend.
There are blend for just about everything:
Sore muscles, colds, to help lift your mood, lotions, and to help you relax. These
Are just a few of blends I can make, and I will make them fresh for you.
$20 plus $5 dollars for shipping (in the US only)

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