December Newsletter

Seasons Greetings!
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope it was filled with peace,
Joy, and laughter.
This month there’s a few things I want to share with you. First I want
to let you know that starting on Sunday, December 6 I will be starting: “Sunday
Evening Angel Card Readings with Reverend Kevin. It will be on zoom, and I will
email you all the link. I will be doing free one card readings. Everyone who comes
with get a reading. It starts at 7pm eastern. It will be fun, festive, and full of Angel
Second I have a website, and a blog that I hope you will like and follow. It has
my products, services, and my writings. Go to:
You can find out what I’m up to, and get inspired.
The last things is I want to share with you are my deals for December:
3 Card Angel Reading and an essential oil blend of your choice: $40
Buy one Full 2021 Forecast and get on to give as a gift: $40
3 card Angel Card Reading: $30
1 card reading: $10
All Essential blend are: $25
Spa in a box: $90
All Essential oil blends have a $5 shipping charge. Any order over $50
gets free shipping. This includes if you order a reading as well, as a essential
Oil blend.
These all make great gifts for the holidays. All Essential oil blends can be
custom made for each person. You can email and I can make a special blend
for anyone.
I hope this December finds you well, jolly, happy, and full of the Holiday Spirit!
Be safe, and be well!
Reverend Kevin
Certified Angel Card Reader
Future Certified Aromatherpist 🎃😀❤️🎄🎅

Published by Bohemian Wellness Ministers

I'm an ordained minister. I was ordained by The Universal Life Church. I preform weddings, and help others to see what blocks them from loving unconditionally. I'm a certified Angel Oracle/Tarot Card reader, who was certified by best selling Hay House Author, and Angel Expert Radliegh Valentine. I'm also training to be an Certified aromatherpist with the Aromahead Institute. I love helping others with my spiritual skills. .

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