May The Next Pandemic Be Love

I’ve always believed in love. Even when love seemed no where to be found. Even when my love for others came at the expense of the love I now have for myself. It was only in the past few years have I learned to love myself, as much as I love others. The practice of self love changed my life, and now I will never look back.

Over the course of this Pandemic I’ve had a lot of time to think, and cultivate my self love, and my spiritual practices. They are keeping me sane, grounded, and bring beauty in my life. Its something that you can do to. Its something that if we all take the time to do the world will be a much better place. Wars would end. Everyone would have a friend. They would be no us vs. them. No one would live in fear, we would all be equal, and free. The shame of being different; of not feeling like you don’t belong would be no more. Diversity would be the law of the land.

After all if we don’t love ourselves then we can’t truly love others. A world full of love is a world of endless possibilites. That’s why I hope the next pandemic is love. Can I count on you?

Published by Bohemian Wellness Ministers

I'm an ordained minister. I was ordained by The Universal Life Church. I preform weddings, and help others to see what blocks them from loving unconditionally. I'm a certified Angel Oracle/Tarot Card reader, who was certified by best selling Hay House Author, and Angel Expert Radliegh Valentine. I'm also training to be an Certified aromatherpist with the Aromahead Institute. I love helping others with my spiritual skills. .

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